Opera in Love



Festival 2014, presentation

The main thought , dealing with the preparation of the third edition of JULIET was listen to opposing forces that dwell in each of us . The push towards outside and listening to the inside, wanting to leave for the nostalgia of return , the future and the past. And the need to deal with both.

Verona lives and has lived in the myth of Romeo and Juliet : the emblem of love for the world and the next door neighbor to the citizen. With the result of two forms of knowledge that do not meet.

I would try to fill the gap , trying to understand , meet and live with Verona and their citizen the story, and meet up with them side by side , on the street , in schools, in the premises. And they become the protagonists of their myth.

I would like to welcome visitors , lovers, tourists, fans, curious continuing to give life to the myth that they know and see and show how it can change the life stage of Romeo and Juliet: from the classic Opera in love, for the first time located in one of the “temple of love “, Juliet’s tomb, to the “return to life” in Shakespearean times and places , the RE- LIFE who wants to enjoy the space and time written 400 years ago.

In the year of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare be Verona tribute to the bard who chose our city and hoisted as a symbol .

And continue to believe that , from England to Italy , from Spain to Germany , from Greece to France, there is a COMMON EUROPEAN CULTURE that is born from the great thinkers, writers , poets who have inhabited this Europe before us, and that have created the Western Canon in which we can all recognize .

That Opera in love is the leader of a European project on the city of love (EUROPE IN LOVE – Europa enamorada ); that Opera in love in this autumn and winter has turned the tourism fairs in Europe ( London , Berlin, Milan) to hear and be learn from international organizations of tourism; that Opera in Love is about to enter the scientific committee of the Second Congress of the International Pageants (Teruel – October 2014 ) , are signs that indicate that a route is started , that the moorings are give it up and that the route is plotted .

Program to the stage … not forgive to mention that this year Juliet will seek to develop work for young artists, to promote the hospitality of Verona, to integrate the cultural and tourist offer in order to be abreast of the times in respect of the city , its inhabitants , its guests.


Festival 2013, presentation

I’ am Solimano Pontarollo, artistic director of the Juliet Festival, now on its second edition.

“Juliet” puts Shakespeare in theater, dance, opera, literature and cinema. All in the spectacular setting of the Romanesque church of the twelfth century, Santa Maria in Chiavica .

From 17 June to 2 September 2013, the Festival proposes 22 events dedicated to the Shakespearean’s heroine :

* Every Monday (the day when there are no shows in the Arena ), the star of the Festival: Opera in love – Romeo & Juliet

* The debut of three new productions: “Black Juliet”, “La lamarè Juliet” and “Romeo@Juliet.it”

* And again, Juliet in Feltrinelli, Portami con te, La passione è un’altra grammatica, Globe on screen, Lettere d’amore scritte a mano and R & J readings

with a break for the San Gio Festival and  Mid-August.

During this summer 2013, Juliet will open the doors of the church that traspires history and legend. We are honored to be in the company of so many actors and directors and to share with our audience of Shakespearean lovers, Italian and foreign tourists and citizens all our passion, our energy and our desire to be open to the world.