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Not only the story of Romeo and Juliet but also Opera, Dance and a Maestro





And for the second year in the Shakespearean place where history lives its epilogue: Juliet’s tomb. The enchanting cloister will be the scene of the love story known all over the worldTomba_Allodola









From June 29 to August 31, 2015 every Monday at 8.30 pm Opera in Love – Romeo & Juliet






opera in love per verona in love
Opera in Love for Verona in Love 2014


After the success with sold out of last year, this year Verona in Love will have the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet told between Theater and Opera. For lovers, for tourists and for the citizens Opera in Love will be in the Deconsecrated Church of Santa Maria in Chiavica on February 13 at 19 pm with another performance on the Valentine’s Day at the same time.





 ITB BERLIN, March 2014 from 4 to 6

Opera in Love will be present at the 48th edition of the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, ITB.
While in London we were guests, in Berlin we’ll have an assigned space in the stand of the Veneto, n. 4-14-21.

ITB berlino sito
Opera in Love at ITB, Berlin

We thank the Direction of Tourism Promotion.
The ITB is the greatest Fair market business and the tourism industry.The Market Trends & Innovations convention provides an excellent opportunity to analyze the trends in the international market due to the presence of all: tour operators, online booking engines, destinations, airlines, and hotels up to car rental operators. This year ITB will host 180 exhibitors from 10 thousand destinations, spread over 26 halls of the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Last year the participants were 21.000.

OPERA IN LOVE searching Europe (Press Release, November 26)

On November 4 Opera in Love, represented by Solimano Pontarollo, was present at the WORLD TOURISM MARKET of London. The most important tourism fair in Europe has seen among the italian protagonists the Verona’s project that combines the performing arts (dance, theater, opera) in a show that becomes an extraordinary business card for the whole city. Supported before and during the Fair by the Veneto Region and by the Consorzio Verona Tutt’intorno, this is also at the Fair, Opera in love has had the opportunity to attend specific meetings with the International BUYER opening relations in all five continents. “The goal was to know and to be known personally by the tour operators interested in Italy, particularly in Verona, expanding the city’s tourist offer with a show in combination with sightseeing, tasting of typical products and possible overnight stay.” “Being present is also attest we want proceed with the project, supported by local institutions and by many associations, and get ready for the summer of 2014 to work with the  international operators.” Indeed Opera in love will be present with the same constancy of summer  of 2013, with the possibility of a version not only in English but also in Italian, and with a few more surprises…

The artistic director, Solimano Pontarollo



This year also Opera Love will be at the World Travel Market,  to the stand of the Veneto region stand EM1800 EM1850

We thank the tourist promotion management of the Veneto Region www.veneto.to for the valuable directions and for the hospitality.

The World Travel Market www.wtmlondon.com is considered one of the most important European events in the tourism sector. It performs every year in London and this year is his 33 th edition. The event continues for four days and its frequency is reccomended  to the tourism sector, it’s an opportunity to meet, to make contacts, to conduct business, to make arrangements, to be updated on the latest developments in the industry and the tourism industry and to add competitive advantage to own business. Each year, the WTM involves about 46,000 industry professionals, government ministers and representatives of the international media as well as many famous people. It ‘s open to the operators and not to the public. In 2012 the World Trade Market won the Excellence Awards AEO (Association of Event Organisers ) “Best use of social media” award.


” Lettere d’amore scritte a mano ” to the Orologio Theatre of Rome, from October 22 to November 3

The performance debuted this summer in Juliet, tonight is in Rome.

Written by Cyntia Storari Vatteroni represents an opportunity to retrace the steps of a phenomenon, that of “Letters to Juliet” , which has deep roots in time and in the collective imagination: from Byron to Zeffirelli, to Ettore Solimani, the first guardian of the crypt and Giulio Tamassia President of the Club.

Actors: Marta Meneghetti and Solimano Pontarollo. Coproduction Sycamore T Company and Juliet Club. On stage ” Bronze bust of Shakespeare ” by Master Sergio Pasetto.



Raquel Esteban is the creator of the Fundacion de Bodas de Isabel Teruel www.bodasdeisabel.com

Isabel and Diego are two lovers who have lived in the thirteenth their tragic love story. Since 1997, the Raquel’s Foundation organizes every year in February historical re-enactment of the wedding of Isabel (Isabel ‘s family does not consent to the marriage because Diego does not possess material goods. They granted him five years to get rich. Diego goes to war and back a little before the expiration of the ultimatum. But Isabel had already been established marriage with a rich man. Both will die of a broken heart). Teruel has 30,000 inhabitants, in those days it hosts 90,000 people. .

Contacted by Opera in love Raquel arrives in August in the city worldwide symbol of love, Verona, where she meets the Artistic Director Pontarollo Solimano and the Authorities of the City of Verona: The Chief of Cabinet Dr . Marchesini, the Director of the Culture dr. Ren and Dalle Pezze Alberta. Raquel continues until Sulmona, for the famous Giostra Cavalleresca, in Montecchio Maggiore, for the Da Porto’s story of Romeo and Juliet and continues his trip to Europe in search of contacts with other ” cities of love “.  She has a beautiful european design: “Europe in love” or ” Europa enamorada”,  to link the cities of love!

On October 4 and 5 at the same time of La Partida de Diego (historical re-enactment of the departure of Diego for the war), the Fundacion Bodas de Isabel Teruel organizes the First International Congress of Festivals and Pageants, where there are the first working groups of the European projects, including ” Europa enamorada ” .

Opera in love cannot miss! The artistic director asked for and obtained from the Verona’s Authorities the exploratory mandate.
On 4 and 5 October in Opera Love is in Teruel to represent Italy together with the Giostra Cavalleresca of Sulmona www.giostrasulmona.it and Romeo and Juliet of Montecchio Maggiore http://goo.gl/VwU5m0

The Congress is presented by the Deputy Mayor, the Councillor provincial tourism, the Director General of Tourism of the Region of Aragon, the President of the National Federation of historical games and Raquel Esteban. During the first part university professors and specialists through their introduction have documented the importance of historical, cultural, social and economic historical re-enactments, very valid instruments to promote tourism and cultural exchange .

In the second part all the participants of the Congress will be divided by the Work Groups. Opera in Love participates to those of to the City of Love; on request of Mrs. Esteban, it is conducted by Solimano Pontarollo .

The last part of the Congress is dedicated to the presentation of the projects of the seven cities present. Opera in Love is illustrated by its Artistic Director representing also the others creators: Silvano Dalla Valentina , Andrea Cortese , Sonia Peruzzo and Matteo Salvemini .

The target is the Cities of Love to become a reality in Europe! And Opera in Love will be Verona.

END JULIET PRESS RELEASE, 2013, September 2013

On the first Monday of September Juliet festival has closed.

Final sold out and admission to the European project Cultural Capital Counts.

The artistic director Solimano Pontarollo comments the results obtained.

“I am happy and satisfied to have given a home – theater to Juliet, succeeding with an unwavering commitment lasted throughout the summer, to involve more and more tour operators, hoteliers, public and private. Opera in Love is ready for a constant presence, not only in summer but throughout the year .

The incredulous surprise of discovering in tears, silently waiting, engaging in laughter took spectators of all replicas, and thanks to the contribution of visibility of the operators involved, first aof all “Turismo Verona “, in the miracle we were able to close the last evenings with a sold out.

Even before the end of the season have opened contacts with the business world, business, tourism  institutional and European Verona to give greater space to OPERA IN LOVE and create the conditions for a representation of everyday life, to the benefit of the Julilet’s and to the  hospitality of Verona: the Tripadvisor’s feedback are also obtained the business card for future guests, tourists and traders from all over the world come to Verona at numerous international trade fairs that our city hosts .

(In the occasion of the World Congress on stomach cancer on June 19 , OPERA IN LOVE greeted at the Gran Guardia more than a thousand doctors from all over the world, getting the enthusiastic approval of the President of the Congress, the organizers and all the audience.)

The next challenges oare called RESIDENCE and EUROPE: the first is to be able to offer the show throughout the year, in the second to relate to other European cities that have similar situations, creating a network of joint promotion. And this summer meetings give us a good prospect.

Meanwhile OPERA IN LOVE has already gained by the world economic major recognition was admitted to the European project CULTURAL CAPITAL COUNTS , that VERONA INNOVAZIONE, Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, has created for promoting the value of cultural capital.

For 2014 JULIET will focus not only on the constancy of OPERA IN LOVE, a deepening of relations with the region, opened this year by the CONTEST (supported in particular by Councillor with responsibility for culture Antonia Pavesi and the chairman of the Committee on Culture Luciano Zampieri of the First District), the involvement of students like is already happened with PORTAMI CON TE, and the international hospitality. Continuing the collaboration in support of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS .

A true and heartfelt thanks to all the people and institutions that have supported us and in the realization of JULIET, 2013, in particular to the Banca Popolare di Verona and the Veneto Region, we’re sure had offered a forward-looking projec with artistic stature.”